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HMS Pembroke visits Pembroke Dock

located on the shoreline of the Cleddau River in Pembroke Dock, Pembroke Port is a former Royal Navy Dockyard. The old slipways that saw the launch of over 260 ships have been repurposed to accommodate modern cargo ships. However, this weekend saw HMS Pembroke visit the port with the public allowed to explore the ship and speak to its crew. HMS Pembroke is a Royal Navy, Sandown-Class Mine Counter Measures Vessel. She is 52.5 meters long, weighs 485 tonnes, and since its launch in 1997 has covered 2500 nautical miles. I have been photographing the ships that visit the port for many years and it was a great experience to be able to climb aboard one and photograph it. The ship was surprisingly busy, the gangway precarious and the deck of the ship cluttered with interesting-looking equipment. Exploring HMS Pembroke didn't take long as she is relatively small, however, doing so was enjoyable and there was plenty to photograph. Hopefully, this won't be the last time we see the ship in Pembroke Dock.



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